Brooklyn Baby

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Meena(kshi) aka your queen

dear ever y one online right now

hello ily

u r welcum 2 talk to me


literally every frinend group im in i’m the hot mess girl who is also a sex goddess idk

i just tooki a drunk shwoer

now i sit here in a fuzzy pink bath robe cry ing

i am a hot mess

How the fuck is aang so positive even after his entire tribe HA s been killed wtf he shuld be my idol

fuk i luv comparing the art of atla to korra omggggggggggggggggg

im sobbing over htis show


I either never post on tumblr or I get drunk n post 10 posts/min

I wish aang could see all these new air benders in kor RA :(

jes sus christ i’m crying bc aang just saw gyatso’s corpse wtf dude wtf why do the innocnet gotta suffer????

On e bottle of wine ✅✔️✔️✔️